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Smart Harvester provides the tools for a more efficient management of fruit and vegetable harvesting

With the help of the application and the barcodes, you can monitor in a centralized, intelligent and intuitive way, both the activity of your harvesters and details about each registered box.

The harvesters are scanned when they arrive at the plantation, with the help of the badges that have their corresponding barcodes. Each box is labelled with an unique barcode. Once the box is filled, the harvester takes it to the manager. It will scan both barcodes and the record will be stored in the database. At the end of the day, all active harvesters will be scanned for the end of the shift and the collected data will be synchronized with the server. The administrator can access any information from the plantation and can edit the harvesters details.

Save time and money

Everything you need to do is to scan the barcodes of harvesters and boxes.

Less paper used

All information is stored in a digital format, in order to also access an history of it.

Easy access to information

In order to access a specific menu item, only a maximum of 3-4 interactions are needed.

Why bother with boxes of paper instead of having all the data you need in a digital format?

Managers can access the application on a smartphone and scan both the harvesters and the boxes.

Admins can visualize within a web browser all the records from the plantation.

Payment method could be per hour or per kilogram
Scanning harvesters and their boxes
Total payment view of harvesters in real time
View registered data as reports, which can be downloaded and further processed locally for a better perpective over the harvest


In order to increase efficiency of the actions on a own blueberries plantation, as a solution to the needs and necessities that have appeared in the management of such a scenario, a first version of Smart Harvester was created. Due to the success of this version and lots of feedback received, it has been moved to a new iteration of the application, dedicated to a wider number of customers.


Benefits of using Smart Harvester

Save time with the help of the intelligent registration process

Each box is uniquely identified, daily, in order to have easier access to information

You will notice an increase of the productivity of your harvesters

You will have access to all the stored information for all historical data

Synchronization between local and server data takes just a few minutes and it can be visualized from any web browser

Friendly and intuitively user interface

You can visualize reports with key performance indicators as a helping tool in taking decisions for improving the efficiency of your plantation

Harvesters shifts will be registered in order to compare the harvested amounts in different time intervals

Access to stored information is secured

You can benefit of advantageous licensing offers compared to other applications on the market

Join a community of passionate people, who emphasize the quality of the products on the plantation

You can contact us if any issue occurs in order to receive proper guidance for solving them


"I could notice an improvement in time managing of the activities right from the first days, especially with the daily reports of harvested quantities and the employee payment reports. At the end of the day, all the information was available in a single place. Furthermore, an overview of the history of activities over a long period of time, helped me in making more accurate product estimates and taking better decisions from an economical point of view."

- Roxana, owner of Afine Bio Rediu, a blueberry plantation with over 25 harvesters, the first customer of Smart Harvester

"Digitization in the agriculture industry is the next step towards refining the activities of a plantation. Such an application can be suitable to any owner who wants to be able to manage more easily the production process on the plantation."

- Daniel, owner of Genesis Group, consultancy, fertilizer and special products for biological and conventional farms


What are the costs of using Smart Harvester?

Using the application requires an annual licence, to which several deliverables can be added, such as smartphones with scanners, scales and barcode labels. Licenses prices varies depending on the number of employees per plantation. Please contact us by using the contact form in order to find out the full price list. Depending on the seniority and loyalty of customers there are year-to-year licensing discounts.

Where can I view and edit the harvesters?

After purchasing the license, a set of credentials will be provided for you, credentials that will be further used into the administrating web platform. You will also receive an user manual, both in written format with instructions and screenshots, as well as in video format, where each important action is described step by step.

Can multiple managers operate on the same plantation?

Yes, but for the integrity of the data and the registration process of harvested boxed it is necessary for a harvester and its boxes to be scanned by a single manager. At the end of the day, the data of all managers will be synchronized with the server, thus becoming visible for the administrator.

Can the app be used for a plantation with multiple products?

Of course. When registering a box, the manager will select the type of the harvested product. You can also set preferences with predefined values ​​of the product types managed on a certain device, with options to add the basic weight of a box and the payment method.

Can the same license be used on different locations?

Yes, as long as the number of active harvesters at the same time falls within the maximum number specified when purchasing the license, and the plantations' locations are under the management of the same owner. A harvester is considered active if it is on the plantation and has recorded the beginning of the shift.

If I already own compatibles smartphones with scanners, it is necessary to buy new ones?

No, if the smartphone is compatible with the operating requirements of the application. To run the application on your own phone, there will be a special installation program and an attached instruction guide. In the case of purchase them within licencing process, the phones have the application already pre-installed.

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